Welcome to the GMS Chorus Page! Below you will find the events calendar for 2015-2016, the choral handbook, information about after-school rehearsals, concert attire descriptions, and concert and grading policies.

Please contact me if you have any questions @ sharon_m_johnson@hcpss.org

1. Hershey Park Festival has changed to May 21, 2016
2. Spring Concert has changed to June 8, 2016

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Chorus Handbook, Contract, and Permission Slip for after school rehearsals.


Concert and Performance NOTE:

All events/rehearsals are mandatory, graded events. All of the concerts and assessments above are mandatory performances that will affect students’ grades, with the exception of the Music in the Parks Festival. Please contact Mrs. Johnson immediately if you have any conflicts with these events.

II. After-school/Evening Rehearsals for Glenwood Choral Ensembles!!!

I’m excited to announce that we are welcoming Ms. Allison Peters back to accompany our groups this year! Our schedules require us to rehearse after-school regularly once a month and possibly twice a month as we prepare for a concert performance. Thank you all for understanding how important these rehearsals are and for the sacrifices you are making in order to get your children to these rehearsals. This program benefits by your amazing
support and understanding. Please find these rehearsal dates, times, and locations at the top of this page.


Students are asked to provide white tops and black bottoms as described on the following chart. Dress rehearsals do not require concert attire. Please do not attend a concert in sneakers! The concert shirt must be long enough to “tuck in.” No exceptions. Do not wait until the day of assessment or the concert to be prepared with your concert dress clothes.

Don't wait until the last minute to prepare/buy your concert attire.

Below is an image of the type of shirt they should have for all performance events. If you are shopping online, google oxford kids white shirt. They have them at old navy, the gap, sears, etc.
Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 6.26.02 PM.png

White button-down collared shirt (long-sleeved; tucked in)
White button-down collared shirt, long-sleeved (must be long enough to tuck in!)
Black slacks
Black slacks OR Below-the-knee black skirt
Black socks, black shoes
All black—socks, stockings, dress shoes (a flip-flop is not a dress shoe!)


Concerts are an integral part of a music education. At these events students are able to showcase what they have accomplished in class rehearsals, demonstrate how they have developed as a team, and also take part in a culminating experience of everything they have learned. Performing in a concert is often a very powerful and musical experience for students. Every member influences the sound and dynamic of the group. If an individual is not in attendance the entire ensemble suffers. For this reason attendance at all dress rehearsals and concerts (including assessment) is mandatory for every member. Please notify the director if there is already a known conflict with the provided rehearsal and/or concert dates.

Due to its importance to the group as a whole and the performance development of the individual singer, concert and adjudication attendance is worth 100 points each of the student’s semester grade. In addition, students will earn participation points for daily classes, sectionals, and rehearsals. Points are deducted for misbehavior, disrespect, violation of the Cobra Creed, etc.

The Howard County Public School System recognizes the following as excused absences:
(Written notice from the parent should still be given to the director)
1) Serious Illness, 2) Death in the Family, or 3) Required Court Appearance